​Kristen White brings more than a decade 
of experience as a television journalist and 
anchor to her new show, "Let's start a Ripple" 
airing in six U.S. television markets on ABC, 
FOX, CW and MyTV. She is a 2012 recipient
of the Gold Stevie Award for Women in Business 
for Video of the Year, and a Gold Stevie Award 
for Mentor/Coach of the Year and a Bronze 
Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the 
Year. Kristen has also been awarded the 2012 
Platinum Aurora Awards for Video and a 2012 
Gold Aurora Award for Video.

Kristen is a media expert coach who helps 
entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches 
and businesses become more powerful 
messengers with content creation and on-camera 
coaching. As a media Coach, Kristen White works 
with clients to create media based marketing 
platforms including television, radio, iPad magazine, 
and multi-media books. Her company, Creative Catapult, LLC, is the premier media coaching and video production company for the wellness and personal development marketplace. 

Let's Start a Ripple, is a news style talk show which features experts in Personal Development, Wellness and Spirituality. The show debuted in January 2013 and has featured stories on raw foods, wellness business development, psychic abilities, angels, meditation, strategies for chronic pain, coping with cancer, integrative health and natural medicine. More than 100 guests from all over the world have been featured in the broadcast during the first year. Currently, the show is broadcast on The Wisdom Channel on Google TV, HULU, and on mainstream media. "Let's Start a Ripple" is produced in the ABC TV studio in St. Louis, Missouri. It's also produced on location in Sedona, California and New York.
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Look Like an Expert on 
Television & Online:
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Most people are worried about three main areas when they step in front of a camera:

• A Clear Message
• A Polished Image
• Remembering their Scripts.

The report includes a list of tips, tools and techniques I developed over 15 years in TV News and Radio.

As an Author, Expert and Coach how do you monetize your expertise? It's a question I'm asked all the time...

What are the steps necessary to build a business that attracts client online and offline?

I wanted to give you one of the most powerful blueprints I have in my toolbox, just to thank you for purchasing my book.

Its all laid out step-by-step in a clear blueprint in one of the modules from my Authentic Voice Media Expert Program 

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 22 On Camera Secrets 
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Find the Money in Your Message™(Value $249)
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Permission Granted! Cure Your Invisibility... 
Step into the Spotlight and 
Share Your Message with the World!

Communication technology is exploding and new media channels are coming on the scene to meet the growing demand of a world hungry for information and inspiration! This quantum shift has created an amazing opportunity for those who have a passionate message to share. Experts today can broadcast, publish, promote and publicize their content without restriction. The only obstacle is in the mindset of the individual. 

When you choose to become an enlightened media expert, you're choosing to be perceived as a visible leader who can help guide others to a higher expression of their own potential using your awakened consciousness to express principals of love and compassion that will help end their suffering.

What do you have to say? 
Who do you want to be? 
What are you destined to do? 


This Book is for You if You Want to...  
  • Become a recognized thought leader in your area of expertise 
  • Create your own TV or radio show and broadcast it to the world 
  • Make a lasting impact on the planet with your message 
  • Release mental and emotional blocks to living your life purpose 
  • Overcome fear of being the recognized expert in your field 
  • Unlock your charisma and become a magnetic voice attracting millions
Voice: How to Share your Message, Your Business and Your Products with the World was created to help experts find their authentic voice and to use their message to transform the lives of others. Many individuals have solutions to end the suffering on the planet, however, these strategies remain widely unknown because these individuals do not have an understanding of how to become a recognized expert using marketing and media appearances. As a media coach who is currently active in the media as a broadcaster... 

Kristen White teaches people:
  • how to be effective on camera
  • what to wear 
  • how to craft a media soundbite to use effectively during an interview  
  • how to develop a media strategy that attracts the attention of the public and of the press  

The show, "Let’s Start a Ripple" with Kristen White, accepts auditions from experts who want to learn how to be on camera and develop their authentic voice media message and persona. Kristen has created a media coaching, interview training program and expert development coaching curriculm based on the concepts in the book. This program concludes with a real on camera experience and the appearance on a TV show which reaches 20 million US households.

Here's how it works:

At some point you realize that your life thus far has been a laboratory of sorts. 
You have cultivated a level of experience and insight and know-how 
that is not yet available to the average person. 
And you realize that there exists what I call a "hole of experience" that needs filling--
and you're someone who can fill it to society's benefit. 

Let's take a moment and look at the word "enlightened." 
According to the dictionary, 
"enlightened means to give knowledge 
or understanding to someone; 
it is to explain something. 
In a spiritual context, it means to hold more light. 
Light, is the purest form of transformational energy. 

When light is added to any circumstance, experience or teaching, truth is revealed. 
Light is generated within an individual by an understanding 
on a conscious level of love and compassion.
When you choose to become an enlightened media expert, 
you're choosing to be perceived as a visible leader 
who can help guide others to a higher expression of their own potential 
using your awakened consciousness to express principals of love and compassion 
that will help end their suffering and make a lasting impact on the planet.

"... an amazing and transformative experience. We discussed her intuitive reading of me, who my ideal client ought to be, what my personal brand is about, and what my "hot niche" really should be, as well as outline my Signature System that I could offer my clients. I believe that this will enable me to really step into my highest offering in a way that will enable me to be more successful in the market than I have ever been before. I think Kristen is a truly gifted intuitive business coach." 
~Margaret Smith
"Essential and Valuable! Kristen shows you how to effectively commuicate."

~Craig L. Jacobson
"Voice by Kristen White is the perfect guide to help people become the best they can be and with the understanding and guidance of Kristen you feel like a giant who is capable of accomplishing great things. This book shows you how to tune into yourself and turn your whisper into a roar. With the help of Kristen your spark can be the one to ignite a chain reaction that can accomplish miracles, and wouldn't it be wonderful to make miracles happen!

"Kristen helps guide people to be the best they can be by making them feel like giants who can accomplish and do what they have only dreamed of before. Manifest your destiny and help turn the ripple effect into a tidal wave."
~Dianne Moon

"In an easy to understand step-by-step process, Kristen gives you the tools to bring forth a powerful message. Then she takes you through the process of finding the right audience that wants and needs your message. Her expertise in the media is then shared to show you how to effectively use media to bring your message to a bigger audience. It is a resource you will refer to again and again as you build your audience and your income."
​~Debra A. Kahnen

"I am so happy I found this book today. Some weeks ago my book was published and I am starting to be interviewed in Tvs, radios ...giving tips for families to do better managing their money. But the media exposure has been slower than I wanted, and after reading Kristen's book, now I understand why and now I can do something to improve that. Thank you so much Kristen!

"This book will help you to:

- improve what you are doing
- help more people
- have a more powerful voice
- increase your business and profits
- live more fulfilled ...
- much more ...
- If you want to be heard and known, Voice with multiply your volume and reach"

~Javier Rivero

"Kristen White has captured the stage with her newest book "Voice". She is able to connect the dots in a clear concise manner on how to bring your message to the world in a way that will get you noticed and heard.

"This book is a must read for anyone in or desiring to be in the world of writing, speaking, coaching, radio, TV or digital production. Finally, a book that clearly lays out the path to creating the "Success" many seek, but few have found, in communicating the message inside them to the world outside. "Voice" provides us with the tools we need to achieve what we've alway dreamed of; 'Getting Heard'!"
​~Angela J. Forero

"Kristen White is a gifted communicator who unleashes the Power of VOICE in those she mentors and trains. And I am thrilled to share that even in print, you will experience Kristen's uncanny dynamic in the pages of her new book, Voice: How to Share Your Message, Your Product and Your Business with the World! Her crystal clear mindfulness, generosity and practical media industry experience combine to create an inviting dynamic for releasing each one of us to expertly craft and speak forth Our Message to the World!"

"Kristen has a great gift for communication and understanding media. I particularly appreciated her help on getting very clear about my audience and the message that they need. When I met Kristen I was an author moving towards becoming a magazine publisher. Just a few months later our magazine, Functional Therapy Magazine, was accepted into Apple's App Store as a Newsstand magazine. I appreciate her ideas and support along with the drive to get it done. The step by step approaches to understand and then to develop excellent information for your audience really helped our team to improve our magazine. Kristen is a media expert with a real heart and drive to help share positive messages around the world. I highly recommend her book and her coaching program."
~E. Kaine 

"The Voice is a map to help find clarity in you message and clear blocks as well as fears to speaking you message. This book takes the fear out of being on radio or TV. Kristen White charisma and magnetism comes through in her writing."

~Sharron Magyar

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