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So come on and pile into the minivan with Jenna as she  hits the road on an uplifting and hilarious journey from materialism to enlightenment ... an odyssey of self-discovery and "accidental spiritual growth" as she careens through Life in her search for an end to the daily doldrums.

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1.) Top 10 ways to Ignite your Intuition Immediately e-book

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These bonuses will help you easily recognize the constant flow of inner guidance that is available within you.

Bonus #1

Top 10 Ways to Ignite Your Intuition Immediately eBook

Learn 10 easy steps to connect with your higher self

In Bonus #1, you will receive the “Top 10 Ways to Ignite Your Intuition Immediately” ebook, which tells you how to: 

    Develop a permanent connection to your higher wisdom
    The practices you must master to connect to your intuitive gifts
    Daily exercises for connecting to your deeper self
    How to channel your intentions to accomplish goals with ease
    Tips for living a more enlightened and meaningful life

Bonus #2

Messages from the Mystic Readers’ Guide

Enjoy reading Mystic in a Minivan with your book club or discussion group! This simple guide will help spark an animated discussion about spirituality and practical exercises to raise your vibration. Take your next discussion group to a mystical place. 

Bonus #3

Intuition Ignition Educational Video Series

Have you ever experienced an intuitive session? In these nine videos, Kristen answers many questions about psychic ability and intuitive sessions, specifically, what to expect during a session and guidance for developing your own abilities. These videos will be delivered to the email address you provided over the next few weeks.

Bonus #4

Power Prayers: A Collection of Prayers and Meditations from Around the World

Prayer is the language of the soul. The most effective way to raise your vibration so that you are able to hear spiritual guidance is to pray and meditate. This collection of prayers is from many indigenous cultures around the world. A daily practice of reading these words will enhance your intuition. 

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